The essential oil has always been a versatile element in the world of aromatherapy. The usage of essential oils has considerably increased in the past few years. It is used in almost every personal care products in different forms. People are also incorporating essential oils as an integral part of their beauty regimen.

Recently, I got introduced to one of the leading ayurvedic companies in the field of healthcare. Vasu Healthcare is winning millions of hearts through their extensive range of herbal products. They have a mission to deliver a longer and healthier life to mankind, by healing them directly from nature-derived products. Vasu Healthcare has a pan India market reach in almost 41 countries worldwide.

I have been sent with two variant of essential oils, Lavender oil and Tea tree oil by the brand itself. I am pretty familiar with the tea tree essential oil and its benefits. But the lavender essential oil is something that I always wanted to try. So when I got it in the box I got really excited to try as it is said to be the best as it effectively promotes relaxation and believed to treat anxiety or any mild mood disorders.

Both Lavender and Tea Tree Essential Oils have their respective way of treating any problems. You must have heard about them or are already using any of these in your skincare/haircare products. So let’s just have a look on these two essential oils and their benefits-

Lavender Oil & its benefits:

Lavender is said to be mystical oil for its wide and unique variety of usage. One popular approach involves mixing lavender oil with any carrier oil (such as jojoba or sweet almond) and then lavender essential oil can be used on skincare or haircare.

A number of studies show that the oil also has some anti-anxiety benefits.  It helps to soothe mild anxiety, thus stimulates the nervous system. Besides, I love to use it as moo enhancer whenever I feel low. I sprinkle a few drops of lavender essential oil onto a cloth or pillow cover sometimes, and inhale its aroma. Several studies have also shown lavender essential oil may help promote sleep and fight insomnia. This can also be added in an aromatherapy diffuser or vaporizer. The reasons why I loved the Vasu healthcare lavender essential oil are-

  • 100% Pure and Natural Oil
  • Helps to lighten Skin & Effective stress-reliever         
  • Relaxes mind and promotes restful sleep & Relieves headache        
  • Made In India       
  • 40 Year of Excellence & Available in 40+ Countries      

Available on- Amazon & VasuStore 

Tea Tree Oil & its benefits:

I believe you are no unknown to its benefits and usage. Tea tree oil is considerably being used to treat a number of skin problems and acne is the most common skin concerns amongst the recent generations. Tea tree oil is basically known for its anti inflammatory and anti bacterial properties. It helps to reduce any bacterial attack and minimize its impact. Several studies also showed tea tree oil as an effective treatment for treating any dandruff or fungal infection on scalp. But it always depends on the quality that you are getting in a jar. Specifically, we should always check up on the ingredients list, whether the oil has been distilled directly from the leaves or has combined with other elements. I found Vasu healthcare tea tree oil as a best option as compared to the other tea tree oils available in the market, as it is-

  • 100% Pure and Natural Oil
  • Improves skin appearance
  • Reduces skin inflammation and dryness       
  • Help fight pimple-causing germs       
  • Helps to reduce dandruff

Available on- Amazon & VasuStore


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