Hey Guys! Welcome back to my blog. Today I thought of sharing my top 5 organic shampoo that I found lately and that are easily available online. A serious hair care is always every girls dream and finding a shampoo that actually works for our hair is literally a dream come true. Isn’t it?

I always prefer using organic shampoo over some chemical infused shampoos. Because I personally don’t feel that investing in some well raved product isn’t at all gonna change anything with my hair but would definitely make it more rough and lifeless. Organic shampoo is always safe to use because it doesn’t strip off that natural oil from our hair, and can actually make our hair look good. All the natural extracts, vitamins, and essential oils in natural shampoo provide that extra nourishment to hair making it lustrous and beautiful. Most importantly organic shampoo is always free from any harmful ingredients like Preservatives, Artificial Fragrances, Paraben & Sulfates.

So let’s jump into the top 5 organic shampoo available online-

1. Arata Zero Chemicals Natural Hydrating Shampoo

Recently a new brand caught my attention as they claim to be India’s first 100% nature-derived wellness brand and they create plant-based, vegan products with toxin-free ingredients. Most important part is they use a combination of extracts that boosts natural scalp circulation while repairing dry, damaged hair.

The formula is suitable for both men and women and great for daily use. I coudnt wait for any longer and got it for myself! Currently on discount. Get it here –

INR 699/- for 300ml

2.Himalayan Organics Onion Oil Shampoo

Onions are so much into everything from skincare to hair care and how can miss this ingredient in shampoo. Onion is well known for hair growth and so does this shampoo. Enriched with the goodness of onion and other herbs, this shampoo help to stimulates dead hair follicles, improves blood circulation making hair stronger and thicker. Also helps to fight any scalp infections and dandruff. It is a highly recommended all in one shampoo that you can totally invest in, without thinking it twice. Also its refreshing smell will just take you away. Suitable for all hair type.

INR 755/- for 400ml

3.The Moms Co. Ka+ Shampoo

If you want to indulge into the goodness both Keratin and Argan oil, then you have to opt this shampoo. one of my friend had recommended me this shampoo and till now I am liberally loving this brand. Having all the natural source of conditioner like keratin,argan oil,Moringa oil and coconut into it, the Ka+ shampoo deeply condition hair, making it visibly stronger, softer and shiner. Suitable for all type of hair.

INR 492/- for 200 ml

4.Herbal Essences Rosemary and Herbs SHAMPOO

I know some of you ar well aware of this brand but trust me this shampoo has literally captured so many hearts already with its awesomeness. Infused with Rosemary and Herbs, this shampoo moisturizes hair providing full of life. Also its unique bio:renew formula help to combat environmental factors that make hair dull and blend the antioxidents,aloe and sea kelp too the strands of lifeless hair. If you aks me then I would definitely suggest you to invest in this shampoo. Suitable for all hair types

INR 600/- for 400 ml

5.Mamaearth Argan & Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo

This is one of my favorite brands out there and I can totally depend on them as each of their products is made with love of nature. Not only are they free from any harmful chemical but also Hypo Allergic and suitable for all skin types. Especially this shampoo is infused with Argan oil that is well known for dry and frizzy hair & Apple Cider Vinegar that help to stop any residue build-up on the scalp which could further lead to the sticky dandruff. So, I personally love this shampoo as I have this serious problem of very dry hair ends with oily scalp.


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