The current situation can be out of control but let’s not our mental peace shift its place. I have been reading through different types of books since a long time now. To be hones it also took time to get into the routine. After all, we can always keep our knowledge window open to let the light of hope shine through it right? So I am going to list down some of my favorite books that would help to keep you engaged as well as motivated. Here we go-

1.How To Use Your Healing Power- by Dr. Joseph Murphy

I didn’t have any idea how the whole world can be driven by the forces of the healing power of our mind. When I saw this book I felt this book might be on the spiritual side, but basically I needed some book to calm down my mind. I wanted to start reading with something at least. This is in fact a good book to begin with the reading habit and gradually developing the inner senses and positive affirmation techniques to improve health, relationships, and self-expression.

2.Who Will Cry When You Die? -by Robin Sharma

The name says it all I guess! This book is perfect for self realization that we often slip by to shade light on others views and opinions.

3.Ikigai: The Japanese secret to a long and happy life-by Hector Garcia

Here comes one of my long awaited book. The name might be confusing but the aim of the book is not! Ikigai is the Japanese word to live a happy, long life and whats more? For that you have to go through the book .Highly recommended for them who are aiming at a purposeful life.

4.Attitude Is Everything: Change Your Attitude … Change Your Life! -by Jeff Keller

If you are following me on Instagram then you probably noticed me posting some book lines on story and many of you asked me which book I am reading. So again, this is also a very basic yet theoretically defined to the point that why we should adjust our attitude depending on the situation or circumstances.

5.Good Vibes, Good Life -by Vex King

I have seen so many people raving about this book and even I am a big fat fan of vex king and his motivational quotes, so has to be in my book stash. I personally don’t own this book yet as it stays out of stock mostly but thanks to the Amazon prime day, because it came back in stock that too with a huge discount!