About the Brand

‘Ayurveda’ is the name that is inherited from the roots of Indian medicine. From ancient times, Ayurvedic medicine has been known as the power of life. KOFOL is an Ayurvedic range of products by the brand Charak Pharma, that primarily aims at aiding throat care and boosting immunity with its 100% Ayurvedic active ingredients.

Kofol Immunity Range

Kofol Immunity Tablets

KOFOL Immunity Tablets has the goodness of 100% Ayurvedic herbs like Guduchi, Haldi, Triphala Guggul, Shunti, Manjishtha,Chitrak, Pippali, and Black pepper for effective immunity-boosting. It helps to stimulate the activities of infection-fighting cells, helps the body to fight against any seasonal viral infections. Suitable for all.

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Kofol Syrup

Kofol Syrup contains 100% Ayurvedic herbs like Shunthi, Tulsi, Vasa, and more, which is good for both dry & wet coughs. They offer a cooling effect to heal and soothe the throat and give relief from the pain caused by excessive coughing. The syrup also has a non-drowsy formula and can be taken by kids as well.

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Kofol Gargle

Kofol Gargle combines powerful herbs like Yashtimadhu, Tulsi, Pudina, and more that help to get rid of sore throat quickly. The herbs present in this, liquefy the mucus, and give relief from irritations, scratchy sensations in the throat, and reduces throat pain or difficulty swallowing. It has a fresh mint taste which doesn’t taste bitter afterward. No need to dilute in water.

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Kofol Chewable

Kofol Chewable Tablets contain Ayurvedic herbs like Yashtimadhu, Shunthi, Pudina Sattva, and more, which are anti-inflammatory in nature and effective for throat irritation. It also provides a cooling effect to heal and soothe the throat. The tablets are 100% sugar-free and are safe for diabetics as well as kids.

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My Experience with Kofol Immunity Range

I am a person who always believes in natural things and when it comes to health, Ayurveda has to come on top. After I came across this Kofol Immunity Range by Charak Pharma, I never looked back to any alternative. I personally have a dust allergy and I suffer from cough and cold, throat irritation very frequently with weather changes. I started taking the KOFOL Immunity tablet regularly and KOFOL chewable tablet when I had a sore throat or any throat discomfort. KOFOL gargle also came in handy when it comes to instant relief from throat irritation.

Even I introduced this entire KOFOL Immunity range to my family & my 6 & a half years old kid. We have been relying on Ayurvedic cough syrup since I was a kid and Charak Pharma made it so convenient for us to get all the benefits of like Guduchi, Haldi, Triphala Guggul, Shunti, Manjishtha,Chitrak, Pippali, and Black pepper even in this recent time.

About Charak Pharma

Charak Pharma is well known as a leader in Ayurveda for 74 years. Charak products are 100% natural with potent herbs. All the products pass through stringent quality checks and clinical studies. Their products are exported to 35 countries worldwide. It is also certified with ISO 9001:2015 and certificate of Pharmaceutical Product (CoPP)

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