In this fast-forwarding life, we are no less than a robot and it has had a serious impact on our lifestyles. We hardly care about our diet, nutrition intake, and sleep. To be very precise, a substantial number of young adults are now at high risk of going through the PCOD (Polycystic Ovarian Disease). This is a common disorder that most of the women of reproductive age are facing in India these days and it majorly hits at an age between 18 to 45 years.

Not to ignore those 25 days of the month, when women are hustling day to night. Except those 5 days when we can’t really stand strong on our feet. Menstruation is an inseparable part of womanhood but a blessing too as motherhood. To some of us, the pain during period becomes so troublesome and exhausting at the same time; and this is where both the physical and mental health gets compromised.

What is PCOD?

Before we talk about how to take care of ourselves during PCOD, let’s just talk few lines about what PCOD or poly cystic ovarian disease is. Well, Poly Cystic Ovarian Disease is now a common health issue found in most of the women. Basically, the presence of higher levels of androgen and oestrogen hormones interrupts the egg development in women reproductive system and thus, transforms to multiple small cysts in the ovaries. It prevents the ovaries to function properly, leading to severe bodily issues.

Symptoms of PCOD

  • Irregular periods that come in an interval of 2 to 3 months or maybe more
  • Heavy bleeding
  • Unusual body and facial hair growth
  • Thinning of hair
  • Sudden weight gain around waistline mainly
  • Dark patches or pigmentation
  • Severe acne and pimples
  • Recurrent Pelvic pain

Depending on the severity, you can have only one or more than one of these symptoms, if you are having PCOD.

Causes of PCOD

While it can be the worst for a woman, but the root cause of this disease is still unknown. However, research has found several underlying causes that trigger the PCOD onset. Unhealthy lifestyle and eating habits, excessive intake of alcohol, poor sleep cycle; less physical activity, and stress have been attributed altogether to have caused the malfunction of our physical health.

Also, the number of PCOD cases has suddenly hiked post lockdown. The continuous work from the home tendency, less activity, binge eating, and social distancing had left a tremendous impact on our lives, primarily hitting the female population in our country. Though PCOD cannot be entirely cured, but can definitely be controlled by making some simple lifestyle modifications. If it is not treated properly then it could lead to difficulty in conceiving, diabetes, increased cholesterol levels, and high blood pressure.

Treating PCOD with Namyaa Period Care Kit

Now let me introduce you all to “Namyaa”, one of the leading Indian brands for personal hygiene. They have an entire range of products dedicated to women’s health and wellness. Recently, they have introduced their “Period Care Kit” consisting of three products, which specifically aim to treat irregular periods or any kind of PCOD or PCOS.

Namyaa Anartava – For Delayed and Irregular Periods

This is a complete Ayurvedic syrup that helps to treat the root cause of delayed or irregular periods. This syrup also claims to provide a long-lasting solution for delayed periods and helps to regularize the period cycle and flow every month by reinforcing timely ovulation, treating any hormonal imbalances, and removing toxins from our body.

Price- 499 INR for 500ml

Namyaa Aarthava Kshaya-For PCOD and PCOS

With the help of Ayurvedic principles, Namyaa Aarthava Kshaya treats the root cause of PCOD or PCOS like hormonal imbalances, infertility, or toxins. It boosts up the ovaluation thus regulates delayed and irregular periods and help to improve the metabolism. It is also free from any dangerous chemicals, harsh metals, pesticides, artificial fragrance, fertilizers, and any kind of added synthetics.

Price- 449 INR for Pack of 60 Tablets

Namyaa ShwetKanika -For White Discharge

Vaginal white discharge is primarily considered as a reaction of the organism which is known for its cleaning and protective function. It can also be accompanied by a list of factors such as-

  • ovarian cyst
  • bacterial infection
  • candida
  • unprotected sex
  • any pathological test related to cervix

So, Namyaa ShwetKanika works as a barrier to the underlying cause of white discharge while providing relief from vaginal itching and burning sensations and supports timely ovulation. It also fights against the bacteria causing any unwanted odor in the vaginal area.

Price- 449 INR for Pack of 60 Tablets

Available on- Namyaa.in

Himalaya is a brand that you are all aware of already. This is the first brand that I started using when I first had pimples. I still remember the day I first found my teenage pimple and went to a medical store and they suggested me Himalaya Neem Face Wash as good medicine for pimple.

LOL… Like seriously? People called it medicine back then

Anyway, now that we are grown up and we can probably choose the best out of those suggested ones by the elders. We know what suits our skin best. But we also don’t know the fact of using an anti-acne product. What I mean to say is do we really go through the ingredients list before buying an anti-acne product? Even if some does, but how many exactly know which ingredients work best for treating acne or pimples?

Many of you are thinking NO! Right?

So today I will be sharing some of my experiences regarding the Himalaya Neem Face Wash. I have been randomly using this one because I find it handy almost everywhere, be it in my home or when I am travelling somewhere and forgot to take my facewash that I mostly use. Because you know we can get it from any store nearby and also it’s really very cheap.

So here is some of the facts that you might not know about this Face Wash and should always check before reaching this product. So let’s jump in-

Paraben & Sulfate free

Yes ! You heard it absolutely right. Himalaya Neem face wash is free from Paraben & harmful SLS that are mostly found in face washes for its super lathering power. However, it has ALS (Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate) which is a pretty common cleansing agent that is derived from coconut or palm kernel oil.

It’s universally used for its mild foaming abilities that help to create a creamy lather while washing with water. It is chemically closely related to the sulfate group but the Ammonium part makes it milder.

Fights Occasional Acne

Have you heard about the Occasional Acne before? At least I didn’t until I researched a lot about this product and after using it for a few years with my hard-earned experience. It sounds weird but it’s true that the Himalaya Neem face wash is hardly effective for acne-prone skin. However, if you’re using this continuously, and some sudden acne pops up then it helps to fight back.

Goodness of AHA

Yes, I’m not kidding I swear! When I saw this I couldn’t believe my eyes too but it consists of Citric acid which technically acts as an AHA, derived from citrus fruits. Thus it helps to maintain the pH balance of the skin which is unbelievable right?

Use of Phenoxyethanol

Many of you might not be aware of this composition but let me explain a bit. Basically, Phenoxyethanol works as a stabilizer in almost every skincare/haircare products and perfumes preservative to prevent products from losing their effectiveness or spoiling.  In Himalaya Neem face wash, it’s been combined with another chemical, to increase its antibacterial properties that are effective at reducing acne and zits.

Not effective in controlling excessive sebum/oil

This point might disappoint some of you but to be honest Himalaya Neem face wash doesn’t really effective in controlling excessive sebum/oil. However, you can feel less oil once after using this but your skin might end up producing that disastrous oil after a few hours (which was really disappointing for me)

Overall, the face wash is pretty good as it treats mild oil production, removing dirt from the skin, and giving a refreshing feeling. Also, not to forget that it silently delivers a kind of chemical exfoliation (so trending these days in the skincare game) to the skin.

You can get it from here-

I hope you liked this post. Do comment your thoughts below and let me know your opinion regarding this. I would love to read them 🙂

I hope you are all keeping well, in this quarantine life. It has been a month since we are in lockdown in our homes. In the starting, I was damn worried about how am I going to spend this whole long month. In fact, nothing is fixed up yet, our nation is still suffering from the pandemic. We all are trying our best to adopt this change and act religiously by staying home. But we also believe that it won’t last right?

We have to move forward with the situation. So instead of over thinking the situation which is already out of our control, I pulled out myself from thoughts. I made a list of things that I can probably do during this lockdown .  Even I decided to share this with you all so that you can also get inspire and try to follow something to keep yourselves engaged while most of us are staying at home now.

Beside being a mother, I am also classed as a freelancer. So basically, I am still working and even a lot more than usual because you know managing kids at home is way too harder than anything in this whole universe! However, I have sorted and segregated my hours into the areas, where things were neglected from a long time. So here I tried my hands on doing the undos and still keeping myself engaged.

  • The first thing I started in this lockdown is reading those books that I bought a long ago and never touched. Have completed the rest half of  “Life is what you make it” by Preeti Shenoy. The book is flooded with self actualization and an inspiring story of the author. It literally pushed me doing so many things that I left my hope on.
  • This is dedicated to all the mothers out there because only they can understand the time and value they give to their children. However, some of us often lack due to the work pressure. But in this lockdown period, try to engage and give time to your children in every small thing. Let them also feel once again that how they are incredibly special to their moms.
  • Can we move to the wardrobe organization now? Okay, now sort through your clothes, drawers and wardrobe as you are staying home. Keep things aside that you don’t wear any longer, try to give to the needy. I did this at the weekend. I have a bag of clothes to take to the charity when they will reopen again.
  • Helping the elders in the kitchen, spending quality times with family is something that most of us tend to ignore in our fast forward life. Though I have been into cooking by myself since I moved out for my studies. Also reorganizing and cleaning the kitchen little bit give that spirit to visit the kitchen more often ( strongly in my case).
  • I hope you are not like me who owns a lot more shoes & handbags that it actually required. But if you do then get access to those stuffs and clean your extra Shoes & Handbags. I sorted through mine the other day and had so much rubbish in all of them.
  • Sort out through the mess of yours or your kids Accessories/Hair Products/ Makeup stuffs. Throw away anything that is old or expired or dried out especially nail paints and mascara.
  • Any other drawers in the corners of your home? Kindly mind accessing them and you will be amazed to see how much you have, that you’ve already forgotten about.
  • Sort through paperwork, bills if you don’t have a filing system I suggest getting yourself one right away. I think you could get them from anywhere.
  • Toiletries – throw away anything that is old and you won’t use or is empty
  • Try to give yourself at least 1 hour a day and spend your ‘me time’. This will not only keep you uplifted but also help to distress you a lot. Because I feel that if I am not happy inside then I can never make others happy.
  • Rearrange a room, we changed a few bits around in our living room and it makes such a difference
  • Last but not the least, try taking self portraits or be creative in the way you are. I did the same and it motivated me a lot trust me. Check out some of my Self-Portraits and give your valuable insights!

Now I have stated a whole lockdown life in front of you people. I will add more to this list only if I happen to find any other stuffs. Please stay safe at your home and look after yourselves.

I hope you liked the post. Do share your thoughts in the comment.

Hello everyone, how are you doing? Before I start writing about today’s blog post, I just wanted to say ‘excuse me’ for not posting any blogs since a decade I guess. I won’t say that I was so busy but even I don’t know where I have been wandering all these days !

But you know it’s indeed said “the happiness lies within us”, so maybe I was just trying to figure out the things that I love doing and be blissful. So here I poured in my love in this post 🙂