About the Brand

‘Ayurveda’ is the name that is inherited from the roots of Indian medicine. From ancient times, Ayurvedic medicine has been known as the power of life. KOFOL is an Ayurvedic range of products by the brand Charak Pharma, that primarily aims at aiding throat care and boosting immunity with its 100% Ayurvedic active ingredients.

Kofol Immunity Range

Kofol Immunity Tablets

KOFOL Immunity Tablets has the goodness of 100% Ayurvedic herbs like Guduchi, Haldi, Triphala Guggul, Shunti, Manjishtha,Chitrak, Pippali, and Black pepper for effective immunity-boosting. It helps to stimulate the activities of infection-fighting cells, helps the body to fight against any seasonal viral infections. Suitable for all.

Available on- Charak & Vedistry

Kofol Syrup

Kofol Syrup contains 100% Ayurvedic herbs like Shunthi, Tulsi, Vasa, and more, which is good for both dry & wet coughs. They offer a cooling effect to heal and soothe the throat and give relief from the pain caused by excessive coughing. The syrup also has a non-drowsy formula and can be taken by kids as well.

Available on- Charak & Vedistry

Kofol Gargle

Kofol Gargle combines powerful herbs like Yashtimadhu, Tulsi, Pudina, and more that help to get rid of sore throat quickly. The herbs present in this, liquefy the mucus, and give relief from irritations, scratchy sensations in the throat, and reduces throat pain or difficulty swallowing. It has a fresh mint taste which doesn’t taste bitter afterward. No need to dilute in water.

Available on- Charak & Vedistry

Kofol Chewable

Kofol Chewable Tablets contain Ayurvedic herbs like Yashtimadhu, Shunthi, Pudina Sattva, and more, which are anti-inflammatory in nature and effective for throat irritation. It also provides a cooling effect to heal and soothe the throat. The tablets are 100% sugar-free and are safe for diabetics as well as kids.

Available on- Charak & Vedistry

My Experience with Kofol Immunity Range

I am a person who always believes in natural things and when it comes to health, Ayurveda has to come on top. After I came across this Kofol Immunity Range by Charak Pharma, I never looked back to any alternative. I personally have a dust allergy and I suffer from cough and cold, throat irritation very frequently with weather changes. I started taking the KOFOL Immunity tablet regularly and KOFOL chewable tablet when I had a sore throat or any throat discomfort. KOFOL gargle also came in handy when it comes to instant relief from throat irritation.

Even I introduced this entire KOFOL Immunity range to my family & my 6 & a half years old kid. We have been relying on Ayurvedic cough syrup since I was a kid and Charak Pharma made it so convenient for us to get all the benefits of like Guduchi, Haldi, Triphala Guggul, Shunti, Manjishtha,Chitrak, Pippali, and Black pepper even in this recent time.

About Charak Pharma

Charak Pharma is well known as a leader in Ayurveda for 74 years. Charak products are 100% natural with potent herbs. All the products pass through stringent quality checks and clinical studies. Their products are exported to 35 countries worldwide. It is also certified with ISO 9001:2015 and certificate of Pharmaceutical Product (CoPP)

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We need to get fit and strong to challenge the daily chores of our life. Be it at home, work, or somewhere else, we have to balance both our physical and mental health. Shilajit is one of the most essential products in Ayurvedic medicine and its benefits are many. Shilajit is basically a natural substance found in the mountains and is created after plants and organic material remain trapped between mountainous rocks for thousands of years.

Now Shilajit is already well known to many as a great supplement for boosting the energy levels and helping both Men/Women to tackle all their daily activities with ease. Here, recently I came across a brand Upakarma Ayurveda that has introduced their most popular pure Upakarma Shilajit Resin. Shilajit primarily focuses on boosting cell function in the human body. This is where the body’s energy is activated and thus provides us the energy to keep up with our day-to-day responsibilities. It has some unique benefits that promote a healthy body and sound mind.


Talking about the packaging, it comes in a sturdy glass jar with small measuring spoon. Consistency of the product is semi-Liquid. Each jar contains 15 gram of Pure Shilajit Resin.

Usage of Upakarma Shilajit Resin

One can simply follow the instructions printed on the package. Take a pea size portion of Pure Shilajit Resin and mix it with lukewarm water, milk or Green tea and stir thoroughly to dissolve the product and consume. However, I believe it is also important that a person should always speak with a doctor before taking any natural supplements.


The main three ingredients of Upakarma Shilajit resin are Fulvic acid, Selenium, and Rasin. The combination of these ingredients has antibacterial and antiviral properties that help to curb the infection during the season changes. It is the ultimate blend of essential minerals and nutrients that not only helps to regulate and boost the immune system but also balances and restores cell life. Vitamin B12 is also present in Shilajit, which drives oxygen directly to the muscles. It also includes some of the important elements such as magnesium, potassium together with zinc, which are a solution to relieve stress and anxiety.

Health Benefits

Even though Shilajit is exceptionally useful for a number of reasons, but the contemporary media only focuses on the benefits for men in terms of sexual power and fertility. However, it is important to understand other potent uses of Shilajit, so that one can take advantage of the same.

  • Upakarma Shilajit also helps with anxiety and depression
  • Helps to regulate blood pressure
  • Fight against Anaemia & Boosts Bone Health in females
  •  Improves Fertility in Female
  • Drives essential nutrients to the brain cell
  • Boosts Immunity power
  • Improves physical strength, stamina and boost energy
  • Helps to promote healthy aging

My Experience

This is the first time I tried the Upakarma Shilajit Resin and I was initially skeptical about its efficacy. But after several consumptions, I can feel the changes in me. I have become more positive and active in each of my daily work. I have been suffering from low blood pressure, weakness, lethargy, and lack of consistency for many years. After taking it along with some diet modification, I could see the results. I could again revive the liveliness and reenergized like before. I can feel more active, lite, and balanced both mentally and physically.

I hope you are all keeping well, in this quarantine life. It has been a month since we are in lockdown in our homes. In the starting, I was damn worried about how am I going to spend this whole long month. In fact, nothing is fixed up yet, our nation is still suffering from the pandemic. We all are trying our best to adopt this change and act religiously by staying home. But we also believe that it won’t last right?

We have to move forward with the situation. So instead of over thinking the situation which is already out of our control, I pulled out myself from thoughts. I made a list of things that I can probably do during this lockdown .  Even I decided to share this with you all so that you can also get inspire and try to follow something to keep yourselves engaged while most of us are staying at home now.

Beside being a mother, I am also classed as a freelancer. So basically, I am still working and even a lot more than usual because you know managing kids at home is way too harder than anything in this whole universe! However, I have sorted and segregated my hours into the areas, where things were neglected from a long time. So here I tried my hands on doing the undos and still keeping myself engaged.

  • The first thing I started in this lockdown is reading those books that I bought a long ago and never touched. Have completed the rest half of  “Life is what you make it” by Preeti Shenoy. The book is flooded with self actualization and an inspiring story of the author. It literally pushed me doing so many things that I left my hope on.
  • This is dedicated to all the mothers out there because only they can understand the time and value they give to their children. However, some of us often lack due to the work pressure. But in this lockdown period, try to engage and give time to your children in every small thing. Let them also feel once again that how they are incredibly special to their moms.
  • Can we move to the wardrobe organization now? Okay, now sort through your clothes, drawers and wardrobe as you are staying home. Keep things aside that you don’t wear any longer, try to give to the needy. I did this at the weekend. I have a bag of clothes to take to the charity when they will reopen again.
  • Helping the elders in the kitchen, spending quality times with family is something that most of us tend to ignore in our fast forward life. Though I have been into cooking by myself since I moved out for my studies. Also reorganizing and cleaning the kitchen little bit give that spirit to visit the kitchen more often ( strongly in my case).
  • I hope you are not like me who owns a lot more shoes & handbags that it actually required. But if you do then get access to those stuffs and clean your extra Shoes & Handbags. I sorted through mine the other day and had so much rubbish in all of them.
  • Sort out through the mess of yours or your kids Accessories/Hair Products/ Makeup stuffs. Throw away anything that is old or expired or dried out especially nail paints and mascara.
  • Any other drawers in the corners of your home? Kindly mind accessing them and you will be amazed to see how much you have, that you’ve already forgotten about.
  • Sort through paperwork, bills if you don’t have a filing system I suggest getting yourself one right away. I think you could get them from anywhere.
  • Toiletries – throw away anything that is old and you won’t use or is empty
  • Try to give yourself at least 1 hour a day and spend your ‘me time’. This will not only keep you uplifted but also help to distress you a lot. Because I feel that if I am not happy inside then I can never make others happy.
  • Rearrange a room, we changed a few bits around in our living room and it makes such a difference
  • Last but not the least, try taking self portraits or be creative in the way you are. I did the same and it motivated me a lot trust me. Check out some of my Self-Portraits and give your valuable insights!

Now I have stated a whole lockdown life in front of you people. I will add more to this list only if I happen to find any other stuffs. Please stay safe at your home and look after yourselves.

I hope you liked the post. Do share your thoughts in the comment.