Phone rings- tring! tring!

Me- Yes Mom!

Mom-You have to attend a family get together after your office tomorrow. . .

Me- what? Not again mom. I have to carry another dress along! I cant

Mom- Darling “you have to” I said !!

Me- Uurhhh…Okay

We often get confused what to wear in small family parties especially when we are going there, right after the office. Some of us take separate bags along to carry party outfits! But what if we choose that one outfit that goes well with almost everything? Yeah. You would definitely call me a nerd but this is how I have been attending any sort of parties’ ever since I discovered this trick.

Well, as you can see I have styled a bright red kurta from a brand called Vishudh with both jeans and palazzo pants. Here I chose to wear the kurta on top of jeans for my work. But don’t go with this pic, I am definitely not a sunglass person (used here for some good click though)

How to style a red kurta from work to family get together

For the second look, I paired the same red kurta with an off white palazzo, dupatta, and a pair of ethnic jhumkas with a deep red lip. I personally believe putting on a bright lip with any sort of dress can alleviate the entire look instantly! Are you also a lipstick person like me by the way?

How to style a red kurta from work to family get together

The outfit I chose is a very modish and sultry kind of cotton, straight fit red kurta with elbow-length sleeve. The material is pure cotton. Hence I do not even feel heavy during my office hours and can easily attend parties with the same vibrant red kurta by just styling it with proper accessories and bottom wear.

Locked down has made us miss our parlour pampering session right? Even if we want, we cannot visit parlour fearlessly like we used to do before. We got this feeling so hard lately. But what if we do it from our home itself? Yeah… You heard it right. Recently I light upon a brand called Indrani Cosmetics and they have an entire premium range of facial kits to indulge in.

We always look out for budget friendly yet premium quality skincare which we rarely find. But no more worry because the wait is finally over! With the Indrani Cosmetics Spa Facial Kit , we can totally feel that exotic spa vibes that too from the comfort of our home! I am so pleased that they have sent me their Facial Spa Kit to try out and trust me I’m so much in love with the kit already. Hands down the product’s quality and versatility. Here are some of the items that I got in the box and found using very helpful lately.

Lavender Spa Cleanser

So the first item is the Lavender spa cleanser that comes in a cream form with soothing lavender colour. And guess what? Lavender is my favorite colour and it made me fall for this one already. It gently detoxifies the skin while acts as an anti-fungal agent. It has the richness of lavender oil into it which means it also works best to kill bacteria, prevent and heal acne breakouts. The cleanser also heals sensitive skin. I personally have a sensitive skin and it has been working well for my skin so far. It doesn’t strip off that natural oil from my skin, so I never felt dryness after using this one. Good product to invest in your skincare.

indrani cosmetics Lavender Spa Cleanser
Texture under Natural Light

Spa Skin Freshner

After the cleansing part we are not going to miss the toner. So Indrani Cosmetics Spa skin freshner is to be applied right after cleansing is done. It instantly gives the energizing and cooling sensation on the skin. The product said to shrink the open pores and helps to maintain the Ph balance of the skin. It also has Witch hazel as an active ingredient that is already well known for its medicinal benefits. I found it more like an astringent lotion which is perfect for oily/combination skin with open pores. It has a mild scent which instantly refreshes the mood also. 

Spa Gel Scrub

Indrani Cosmetics spa gel scrub is infused with micro beads that help to exfoliate the skin surface without damaging the soft skin layer. It effectively removes any dead cells while keeping the moisture level at place. The best part is the beads are so gentle on skin that it doesn’t even feel harsh or irritate the sensitive skin since I have a sensitive skin and touchwood that it worked on my skin (don’t rub on skin if you have highly sensitive skin)

Aloe Vera Spa Massage Cream

Indrani cosmetics aloe vera spa massage cream is enriched with aloe vera extract which help to hydrate the skin layer. Massaging skin with this cream after washing face with lavender spa cleanser/spa gel scrub, helps to keep skin nourished and fresh. It also ensures to treat damage skin and make dull skin look brighter. After massaging my face with this cream I can see a subtle glow on my skin which is like no one can miss right?

Texture of the Aloe Vera Spa Massage Cream

So the entire Indrani Cosmetics Spa Facial Kit took my heart literally. Now I don’t need to bother or wait for the frequent visit to the parlour. All I do is take a day off for pampering myself and get the facial done at home. It has been really convenient for me and less time consuming too. I will highly suggest everyone to try their facial ranges if you are someone who always look for budget friendly, organic, cruelty free skincare products. Finally, shading light on this brand, I also want to let you all know that Indrani Cosmetics ethically make their products with best quality ingredients, totally Chemical free, Vegan and Cruelty free.

Available on Indrani Cosmetics Website

Do let me know your experience if you are going to try this brand. I bet you would thank me later. See you in my next post. Till then take care.


I wonder what should I call myself? An Escapist or a Traveller? Sometimes I make impulsive decision of escaping somewhere when I die deep into the circle of my own responsibilities. It takes less than a minute to plan for a destination, get everything booked according to the time and just rush to the place ! This is how I am. the Hills this is the word that shakes me from within. And a stroll to hills literally help me rebirth. I know it might sound totally nervy or even meaningless. . . But it gives me immense love and mental peace to go to the hills and be a wanderlust.

Escaping to a place I have never been before helps to de-stress my mind and refresh my soul. I am always a Hill person. The scenic beauty, the adventurous journey by the curved and twisted lanes of hill is what thrills me. The first thing that encounters my mind whenever I plan to go out somewhere is the ‘Hill station’. I strongly believe to listen to my inner mind and silently follow where it takes us.

“Climb the mountain not to plant your flag, but to embrace the challenge, enjoy the air and behold the view. Climb it so you can see the world, not so the world can see you.” 

David McCullough Jr

If you haven’t felt for escaping to places you have never been to, then you must have missed some great opportunities to see this world. I always make a research for that perfect gateway that could lead to a lesser known place. That means my travel story should always be as thrilling as the height of the hills, mesmerizing view of the place where I can assimilate its magnificence of nature, and rich legacy . To me strolling to the hills helps to release all the stress and calm down my soul.

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It might sound weird but I avoid visiting a place that is generally crowded. I hate going to places where people stands in a queue for hours to enjoy some local sightseeing. I don’t believe walking miles and miles to witness some famous viewpoints! Rather climbing high to the hills with the enthusiastic feet, finding out the best place and enjoy the breathtaking view of the hills by standing there for hours.

“The best view comes after the hardest climb.”

Adventure in you

Now if you ask me what does an escape mean to me then i would say my ideal escape mode will always be with the person having similar interests and passion to see the unseen. I am a person who always seek to roam around the place like a Gypsy. I am more on making my travel plans to some offbeat destinations those are yet to be discovered! So having someone who puts the same effort and enthusiasm makes it more easier to enjoy every bit of the travel.

That is it for today’s post. I hope I could restart the escape mode into you all. If I did, then please leave your valuable comments below. This will motivate me more to write. Thank you!