Hey guys! Welcome back to my blog myobsessionzz ! As you already know I was sharing (on Instagram) some harsh reality of some expectations that we all have as soon as we come across a beauty products, so here is the product I really want to share my thoughts on. So this is the St.Botanica Ultimate Hair Repair Shampoo that I have been using from couple of months now. There is nothing new around this shampoo, but so many of you guys asked to make a detailed review of this blooming product all over the internet/online sites, so I am making it very Small & Crisp.

Description & formula of St.Botanica Ultimate Repair Shampoo

As the name suggests, it should be the ultimate hair repair solution for all types of hair. The shampoo is said to be PACKED UP with Natural and Organic Bioactive Ingredients like Vitamin B3, B5, Organic Argan Oil, Almond Oil, Saw Palmetto, Coconut Oil and many more. It claims to increase the inner strength of each hair, making it more healthy and strong.

It is also free from any PARABAN/SULPHATES/SILICONES/HARMFUL CHEMICALS, which is also a great part (but I’m not quite sure if it actually consists less harmful chemicals into it). Coming to the formula, it comes with a thick consistency like the regular shampoo does with pearl white colour.

Now let’s dive in the interesting and most awaited part of Expectation Vs Reality of a Shampoo (a series that I started on Instagram, in case you’re not aware of this)

EXPECTATIONS that we have Regarding a Shampoo

  • one of my friend SUGGESTED this brand as she used some skincare product from the same brand(don’t make a crap here! Is there anything to with your haircare?)
  • free from paraben/sulfate so it won’t damage my hair
  • packed up with so many nutrients and vitamins so definitely going to stop my HAIRFALL
  • pretty good amount of product so totally value for many (you choose for the amount or for your need man!)

REALITY that we tend to Ignore

  • Different brands come with different unique products but that doesn’t mean each of their product might turn out to be promising
  • look out the formula they are referring that has been used to make the product useful for hair
  • enriched with nutrients and vitamin don’t necessarily end up treating hair fall also. Be specific with your need while picking up any shampoo
  • we don’t need a good amount of useless product rather look for minimum yet result driven products and that’s where our bucks will be worth investing!

There are reviews available online so check before trying out any new product, if you are not sure about them quite well. It takes and involves much in depth study or even sometimes personal experience of the writer. Try to VALUE THEIR WORDS as well.

My Experience using StBotanica Ultimate Repair Shampoo

As I personally have an unmanageable and dry hair with lack of moisture, so I tried my hands on this. but I dont know what went wrong. But to be very genuine, it didn’t go well on my hair (now you’d be thinking why the hell I wasted my money here?)

But this is actually the harsh reality that I faced and I just wanted to share this with y’ll so that you don’t do the same mistake. May be my hair strands do need more moisture enriched products that could penetrate the hair shaft deeply. On a small note, I also want to mention that even if it doesn’t have sulphate, but it has a lot of harsh chemicals that might not come out good for very dry hair people.

That is it for this post! Hope you liked it and do let me know which one Harsh Reality you don’t want to face afterwards?


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