Today I will review the Nivea Hand Cream since it has been in my pending list from so long. This is the new launch from the brand and comes at a really affordable price. So in this post you will get to know why should you use a hand cream and its overall verdict.

Basically I am a person who tends to wash hands too often. Having said that I literally mean that I also tend to reach out to creams at the same time. But, I have never owned a hand cream till then. When I saw Nivea had introduced their affordable range of hand creams, it instantly caught my attention. I thought that it was the perfect time to get my hands on them. Because, I have only been sticking to my face creams all these years to moisturize my hands. Nivea Hand Creams come in 3 variants, and I picked up only two from them, i.e. Indulging Beeswax and Refreshing Aloe vera.

Available Types

  1. Indulging Glycerine & Beeswax (For all skin types)
  2. Soothing Glycerine & Olive(For very dry skin)
  3. Refreshing Glyserine & Aloe Vera (For dry skin)

Net Quantity & Price 

90/- for 75 ml (might change at times do check)

Product Description

The formula is lightly creamy and texture depends on the variants. Like the one which is for dry skin little thick than the other which is for all skin types. It comes in a white tube packaging so you can pump out the desired amount and get going without any wastage. It is so handy that you can carry it almost everywhere. The cream contains many nourishing ingredients depending on the variants. Each ingredient came from natural sources that are really great for keeping our hands and cuticles hydrated throughout the day

My Experience using Nivea Hand Cream

Overall, the product is quite good in fact a lot better than what I expected it to be. From the texture of the cream to the absorption power,no stickyness are everything that a good hand cream should have. Surprisingly this hand cream has it all. I loved everything about this product, from the cute packaging to the nourishing formula and the pleasant scent. The price point is also way too reasonable than the other available brands in the market. 

It quickly absorbs evenly on the palm when applied and the plus point is it sinks into the skin within few minutes, without leaving the hands slippery, sticky or greasy. The mild scent of the cream is so delightful and my hands feel well-hydrated and soft for quite a long time till the next wash. It makes my hand so soft and supple all day long. As I wash my hands very frequently, so it helped me a lot to keep that moisture in place without feeling any dryness.

This hand cream has become a handbag essential for me now and I will highly recommend it to all of you who had not used any hand cream yet. Trust me on this, it will be a game changer for you all, especially for them who suffer from dry and flaky skin on the hands. And to be very honest I was a kid with this problem but the days passed and my hands gradually recovered from that state. But it shows up at times and to keep a hold on this, I always make sure that my palms are well moisturized.

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