Maybelline Fit Me MATTE+PORELESS Compact 330 Toffee Review

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I am a person with combination skin and I tend to reach out to any face powder way too often. Especially in summers my skin becomes absolutely an oil tank from its state of desert in winters. Though Maybelline Fit Me Compact is not a new launch or something, but ever since I used it I just loved it. It is my second purchase for a face powder and I almost carry it everywhere. So lately I felt of sharing my experience using this powder to kind of help you sort out your purchase decision.

Shade of the Compact


Quantity & Price

8.5g for 480 INR

Skin Type

Good for Oily to combination skin. But, can also be used for Normal skin.

Mabelline Fit Me Matte+Poreless Powder
Shade: 330 Toffee

Product Description

The Maybelline Fit Me MATTE+PORELESS Compact come in a pretty black square shaped packaging with a see through glass lid attached with a mirror inside. Also it is not so flimsy that it would break after a single soft fall. The pan is pretty enough though and it will take you several months to hit the pan on the product even if you use it daily. Being little bit costly than a drugstore brand should be, you might go for an alternative. But trust me it is the perfect compact for those having a combination to oily skin.

Toffee is the exact match for my dusky toned face. Work well when I don’t need a brighter look but I want to take down the oily skin problems. When applied on skin it gives a flawless look for the next few hours. The compact can be applied with a damp sponge to use it as a foundation. It actually stays longer and provides good coverage for those unwanted blemishes on skin. Do check out your shade before buying it.

Comes with a Sponge inside
hand swatch of fit me compact
Swatch of the shade Toffee 330

My Experience using Fit Me MATTE+PORELESS Compact

This is my second purchase for a face compact and I have no complain for this so far. Even I have been carrying it almost everywhere for my touch up. Especially in the humid weather when I can’t even think of using any foundation, this Fit Me compact came to the rescue. After applying my sunscreen I just press it all over my face. It provides the perfect matte look and hides my pores (though I don’t have major open pore problems) perfectly.

The brand actually claims to stay up to 12 hours but I personally noticed it stays good roughly up to 3 to 4 hours. IDK, it might be due to the humidity or something else, but this is how I feel after using it for almost 6 months now. Also looking at the price point, INR 490 is quite fair enough though when considering the quantity of the product and the fact that it comes with a mirror. You can always check on website to avail some great discounts on it. I got it around INR 350 apprx from an online sale. Also there are a lot of shades introduced to the Fit Me Range by the Brand Maybelline to suite diverse skin tones.

I hope you found this review helpful. If you do so please like, share and comment below.

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