How many Pastel shades are TOO MANY?

For me, it is always as many as it can be! Because, for the vast majority of times, I choose something really bright in nail colours. There really isn’t an in-between for me. Well, now that I’m typing this I can remember that I love to wear darker nail colors on special occasions and sometimes pale, creamy white shades in winter as well.

My nails don’t stay polished for long. They are thin, prone to peeling, and brittle. I’m pretty rough on my hands as well, so it’s a big deal for me to be able to get 3-4 days out of an at-home manicure. If I need something to last for more than a month, I’ll go to the salon and get my nail extension done! But most of the times, I’m doing my own nails at home and why?

Who would take time to visit a salon when we already have these stunners!

Since spring arrived, I was looking for something colourful and vibrant in nail paints and unexpectedly this is what I got! Like, look at the colours!

Grabbed few MyGlamm LIT Nail Enamel and these are my current obsessions!

Shades Shown (Left to Right)

1. 04 TURNT


3. 05 BANGER


5. 03 SALTY

These nail paints moderately lasted on my nails when applied single coat, as I work and manage my households all by myself. In general, MyGlamm LIT Nail Enamel has the best shade options to choose from, and that too within budget. I primarily purchase online for ease and huge discounts.